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Meet Liza

Entrepreneur & Business Coach

Liza Carden Coaching is born from a vision of entrepreneur, Liza Carden. She believes that other entrepreneurs have many of the same feelings and struggles she experienced while building her business. 


Many business ideas start with a dream.  Liza’s business is no different, it may just have come at an earlier age than many others.   At the age of 16, Liza became a stylist with the dream of owning her own salon.  At the age of 18, Liza was managing salons and became a licensed educator and a certified Aveda Hair Color Educator traveling to Aveda institutes around the country and teaching many stylists about hair color, the art of hair styling, the Aveda culture and the Aveda products.  This travel allowed her to see the innerworkings of salons across the country and deepened her own commitment to fulfilling her own, youthful dream.


At the age of 25, Liza took a leap of faith and acquired all she needed to open her own salon.  She procured the business loans, navigated the requirements of becoming an Aveda Salon, mustered the courage and found a space for her salon, and got to work.  With the help of some friends and her family, she built out 2,800 square feet of space that would become LG Howard & Company SalonSpa. 


Work, for Liza, didn’t stop there.  If you are an entrepreneur, you know, your work is never done; she hired, she fired, she trained and trained some more.  She brought her business to profit within two short (long?) years!


Liza leads. Liza listens. Liza learns.  But mostly, Liza invests in others.  She is invested in her team and she is invested in her clients.  Clients walk into her salon and feel welcome.  All of her stylists are trained to be “Day Makers.”  This philosophy of ‘making your day’ runs deep through the team from the receptionists to the stylists.  Liza has created sustainable and successful training programs that are used not just in her own salons, but in other salons.  Her business is thriving because of her leadership and willingness to take risks … and even make mistakes. It is this area where Liza realized she isn’t alone.  


Always the visionary, Liza’s dream doesn’t end here.  Her vision for coaching is born out of her own entrepreneurship experiences and creating and building her brand.  This inspirational woman, is strong and confident and helps others realize that they, too, can accomplish their dreams and work through the trials and challenges of entrepreneurship and maybe it will be just a little easier with a little help from a coach who has done it.

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